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Nov 1
Changing the Game = More Sales Leads

Seth Godin talks about a decision by Google to make it easier for individuals to take their "social graph" with them from one website to another.

Instead of focusing on the details of that bit of news, focus on the rest of what Seth talks about: How a decision like that changes the game...

"How can you change your game?

Consider the plight of Mike Huckabee and John Edwards. Both are making strong runs for the nominations of their parties, but both  suffer because they're not seen as front runners. So why not change the game? Instead of waiting for a TV network to invite them to a debate, why not make your own TV show? Debate each other, in public, in Iowa. Broadcast the whole thing on YouTube. When you're done, challenge others in the opposite party to debate you, one on one. On your channel. What are they, chicken?"

Changing the game might mean more votes...or more sales leads.  Seth's example idea of taking two second-tier candidate and having them create their own debate forum is excellent.  So are his ideas for business doing the same thing.

How could you change your "game" to get more sales leads?

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This is a great example (Huckabee/Edwards) of taking the bull by the horns, which could lead them to greater heights! The problem so often is that people are unwilling to try something different or take a new tack on it, because they have no insurance that the idea will not backfire. In such a high-stakes game as presidential politics, I would suggest that trying nothing new will lead to simply hoping that they are offered a place on someone else's ticket as Vice President!

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